Discipleship is a journey.     

Most of us understand that after embracing Christ by faith, we started a life-long journey of becoming more like Jesus. This journey is what we refer to as discipleship.  It is the ongoing process of learning to be a devoted follower of Jesus and helping others to do the same.

This might sound simple enough but surprisingly many are confused by what following Jesus actually looks like. This is why we've developed this Road Map. It is a tool that gives a clear biblical process for how God wants us to be growing in every phase of our journey with Christ. 

Now, we want to be careful that this doesn't become some sort of legalistic spiritual check-list. Following Jesus has never been about just doing a lot of good things. God is far more concerned about changing us from the inside out. Instead we hope these areas will serve as guide rails to help us remain focused on the main things while we move forward in our walk with Him. 


We've gathered resources to help you grow in each phase of your discipleship. Click below to discover what resources exist to help you and your group continue to grow in Christ.